‘Guzzlr’ is the ultimate pub-crawl app for mobile. 

The idea is simple. Set your location, choose your bars, and begin.

Targeted for university students, Guzzlr was designed with connectivity in mind. The app begins with a familiar location finder, connected with Google Maps to get the user started.

With an easy drag or by manually setting the location, the crawl will automatically populate.

The pub list screen has been designed to flow very quickly.  Pubs that the user doesn’t want to visit can quickly be discarded by swiping left. The order of the crawl can easily be configured via drag-and-drop.

Once the user has settled on the pubs they want, clicking on the numbers on the top five in the list will activate a prompt to start the pub crawl.

The map would sync with the “crawl leader”, so if any members of the group were lost, they could easily find out where to go next.