Bayview VIllage Shops

Client: Quadreal – Responsive Design

Bayview Village Shops is one of Canada’s most prestigious shopping centres. Located at Bayview and Sheppard Avenues in Toronto, the 440,000 square foot centre caters to discerning, affluent customers seeking unique merchandise in an inviting, upscale environment.

Nuclear was challenged with designing a responsive website that would effectively cultivate their increasingly younger and more web-savvy target demographic. The new website had to reflect and embrace the new social age, while making users feel as welcome as they do when they arrive at the centre.

Although initially, Bayview Village Shops believed their target demographic was 50-60 year old socialites, we discovered through user research that their main target was actually a younger generation.

Our persona, Johanna, is a “fashionista”. Focused on her career and lifestyle, despite having a family, Joanna is the new generation of Bayview shoppers. She is mobile savvy and shares everything she does. Joanna enjoys shopping at Bayview Village Shops because of it’s unique boutique shops and the personal attention their customers get.

Bayview Village Shops’s user experience was inspired by the very social online habits of Joanna. We took cues from photo sharing apps creating an “Instagram” feel, compartmentalizing content and utilizing photos. Also was included was a showcase of BV shoppers, making them feel part of the story.

BV is not only a shopping centre, but considers themselves a brand onto themselves. They are fashion curators and lifestyle advisers. Having a avenue to talk with their customers was important.

Each shop has their own unique profile, not only showing basic information like location and store hours, but showcase from BV’s perspective. Connected to each profile is any recent mentions in editorials or products that have been featured.